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Being lotus season , lotus seeds just cheap, tasty , but just a few simple tasks that you were able to spend lotus seeds for the year , then why not try it?

Not only is the food delicious , complementary , lotus seeds are also precious herbs in medicine . According to traditional medicine , lotus seed sweet , wax ( to make tight , closed back ) , calculated average ( not hot , not cold ) , can treat diarrhea , insomnia , slowed , bloating , poor food , medical thirst due to high fever , dehydration ....

In addition, lotus seeds are also good for pregnant mothers . It not only provides the necessary nutrients as protit , lipids , carbohydrates , calcium , phosphorus , iron , ... but also rich in vitamins B1 , B2 , PP , C helps pregnant mothers healthy . Besides, lotus seeds also work to help pregnant mothers have a sound sleep , improved skin , helps baby belly smarter and especially help women improve within a postnatal effectively .




Lotus seeds are processed so much delicious food as vegetarian fried lotus seeds , the lotus seed porridge , porridge lotus seed , lotus seed soup , stew ... that food always delicious and nutritious . So there is no reason that women do not try to preserve lotus seed processing food for the whole family . Lotus seeds are preserved but not really fresh but still delicious and nutritious .
To store , how do you reference the following okay :

Option 1 :

- You buy the lotus seeds , lotus seeds get peeled is ( absolutely no washing ) , use a toothpick to get the lotus heart .
Before going to bring dried lotus seeds , lotus seeds need attention before splitting okay .
- Then take lotus seeds dried thoroughly , pour into jars sunny clean , dry and tightly closed to gradually eaten . If you want more grain reserves and want to as long as it is sometimes best to bring lotus seeds to dry to avoid mold .

- If you do not bring the sun can take away dried lotus seeds if possible . This way fast but handy .

Option 2 :

How to preserve this type of lotus seeds lotus seeds only for a few months .

- You buy fresh lotus seeds of peeling bark , remove center ( not washed ) , pack it carefully in the freezer for . Always wanted to use it can take away interesting before processing .
Note: The shower is very good for health as heat , improves sleep , insomnia ... so when taking a shower center , should take away dried or dried to be used in phase with tea or herbs .

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